AIS – Automated information system

FS – Fuel Station

JSC – Joint Stock Company

AWPD – Asphalt, wax and paraffin deposits

WHP – Wellhead platform

IRD – Internal regulatory documents

HFF – Hydraulic formation fracturing

GEW – Geologic exploration works

AIR – Additional items range

VMI – Voluntary medical insurance

SE – Subsidiary entity

LDP – Long-term Development Program

ORF – Oil Recovery Factor

KPI – Key performance indexes

WWO – Well workover

KFU – Kazan Federal University

Russian Development Ministry – Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

MOP – Motor oil plant

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards

MTR – Material and technical resources

MPWDU – Modular preliminary water discharge unit

MET – Minerals extraction tax

VAT – Value-added tax

PIT – Personal income tax

R&D – Research and development works

OP – Oil products

ORF – Oil refinery

STP – Scientific and technical products

STC – Scientific and technical center

UN – United Nations

EP – Environmental protection

HPF – Hazardous production facilities

PPW – Pilot production works

DIO – Dual injection operations

IS – Industrial safety

MODU – Mobile offshore drilling unit

MPC – Maximum permissible concentrations

IDP – Innovative development program

APG – Associated petroleum gas

FPI – Formation pressure increase

OSCP – Oil spill contingency plan

ERP – Emergency response plan

RMNTK – Russian Inter-industry Scientific and Technical Complex

Rosimuschestvo – Federal State Property Management Agency

RAS – Russian Accounting Standards

JU – Jack-up MODU

Oil products spread – Difference between the quotation of the oil product and the quotation of oil for the relevant period.

SRV – Socialist Republic of Vietnam

SRE – Self-regulating organization (of auditors)

PSA – Production sharing agreement

NTS – New Technologies System

TOE – Ton of oil equivalent

TEFS – Technical and economic feasibility study

PWDU – Preliminary water discharge unit

ECPU – Electrical centrifugal pump unit

Freight – Transportation rate paid for the transportation of cargo or the use of a vessel

KhPSA – Kharyaga Product Sharing Agreement

CPF – Central Production Facility (oil)

CKU – Central Khoreyver Uplift

ES – Emergency situations

Upstream (segment) – Production, in-field transportation and primary processing of hydrocarbons