Official information about Zarubezhneft JSC

Full company name Zarubezhneft Joint Stock Company
Number and date of issue of state registration certificate Certification Series 77, No.003280973, dated October 22, 2004, PSRN 1047708046870
Entity of the Russian Federation Moscow
Location 101990, Moscow, Armianskiy per., 9/1/1, building 1
Telephone (fax) +7 (495) 748-65-00
Information on inclusion in the Strategic Joint-stock Companies List Yes
Full name and address of the registrar “Registrator R.O.S.T.” JSC, 107996, Moscow, Staromynka st., 18, buildinbuilding 13
Registered Charter Capital as of December 31, 2016, in RUB 50,729,067,000
Total issued shares 50,729,067
Ordinary shares 50,729,067
Stocks at par, RUB 1,000
State registration number of ordinary (preferred) share and state registration date 1-01-65072-D, dated December 9, 2004.
State registration number of the additional issue of ordinary (preferred) shares and the state registration date – in case, by the date of preliminary approval of the annual company report by the Board of Directors (supervisory authority), the registration authority had not performed the abolition of the company’s ordinary (preferred) shares with an additional issue individual number (code) 1-01-65072-D, dated April 19, 2005.
1-01-65072-D, dated July 10, 2007.
1-01-65072-D, dated September 25, 2007.
1-01-65072-D-004D, dated April 24, 2012.
Preferred shares None
Preferred shares at par, RUB None
Shares in possession of the Russian Federation 50,729,067
Russian Federation’s interest in the charter capital 100%
Company shareholders whose interest in the charter capital is more than 2 per cent The Russian Federation, represented by the Federal State Assets Managements Agency
Availability of special rights for the Russian Federation to take part in a joint-stock company’s management (“golden share”) None
Company auditor full name and address Nexia Pacioli LLC 115184, Moscow, Bol’shaya Tatarskaya st., 7, bbld. 2