Consolidated indicators of Zarubezhneft JSC Group of companies

Total hydrocarbon production at Zarubezhneft Group of Companies (with interest), MTOE.
Zarubezhneft Group of Companies reserves (with interest), MTOE
As per the results of the reporting period, the Company has demonstrated a steady trend in hydrocarbon production dynamics – at the level of more than 5 million tons of oil equivalent. The main production assets are still JV “Vietsovpetro” and LLC “JC “RUSVIETPETRO”, and ZARUBEZHNEFT-Production Kharyaga LLC.
The level of reserves for Zarubezhneft JSC Group of Companies in 2018 was determined taking into account the planned reassessment of hydrocarbon reserves of JV “Vietsovpetro” fields.
Refining output at Zarubezhneft Group, thous.tons
Exploration drilling volume, thous. m
The decrease in the volume of oil refining is stipulated by changes in the JSC Brod Refinery production program as a result of the emergency shutdown of the plant in October, 2018.
By performing exploration works, the Company systematically expands its hydrocarbon resource base.
Consolidated revenue trend at Zarubezhneft JSC Group of Companies, bln RUB
Consolidated EBITDA trend at Zarubezhneft JSC Group of Companies, bln RUB
Significant revenue growth in 2018 was achieved due to favorable macroeconomic conditions and an increase in oil sales.
The positive dynamics of the operating efficiency of THE Upstream segment determined the growth of EBITDA consolidated indicator of 2018 by more than 2 times compared to 2017.
The increase in the consolidated FCF in 2018 was due to receiving an additional income from JV “Vietsovpetro” and partial early repayment of loans and accrued interest of LLC “JC “RUSVIETPETRO”.
Consolidated FCF trend at Zarubezhneft Group of Companies, bln RUB

Indicators by the Company’s segments and assets, which are based on the national accounting data using the management adjustments, are listed below.