Main energy saving measures performed in 2018


  • boiler-house shutdown and arrangement of heat supply from Energy Center 2 at the Central Production Facility during whole 2018;
  • oil-fueled operation of the power station at the Oil Acceptance Station "Musyurshor";
  • construction of a low-pressure compressor station at the Central Production Facility “North-Khosedayu”.
  • implementation of the program of generation equipment (gas-turbine plant, gas piston generator unit, diesel generator unit) capital repairs.

Zarubezhneft-Dobycha Kharyaga LLC

  • power supply of well clusters at Kharyaga field from system to external power supply throughout 2018;
  • optimization of technological furnaces operation;
  • company energy audit with the development of a five-year energy efficiency retrofit.

JV “Vietsovpetro”

  • installation and use of the fuel usage and power generation accounting system at the jack-up;
  • vessels power supply from the electricity system while docked at a port.

Modriča Motor Oil Plant A.D.

  • using the spent oil for heat production during the whole 2018;
  • organization of the return of steam condensate and its accounting throughout the year of 2018;
  • Insulation of 9 base oil tanks.

Brod Refinery A.D.

  • cleaning and replacement of heat-exchange facilities;
  • company energy audit with the development of a five-year energy efficiency retrofit.

In general, the activities carried out in 2018 contributed to the decrease of power consumption at the enterprises and further development of energy saving and improvement of Zarubezhneft Group of Companies’ energy efficiency.

Changes in specific energy consumption for oil-containing fluid production at Zarubezhneft oil production operations, tons of reference fuel / thous. m3 (Russian segment)
Actual energy consumption in 2015-2017 in tons of reference fuel, Service and Other Asset segment