Completion of competent personnel training program, key process standardization

In preparing to enter new projects, the Company has created a personnel training and development system specifically for new projects that includes:

  • oil engineering corporate school, where more than 700 man-training courses were conducted in 17 production courses;
  • project management corporate school, where 18 specialists receive tuition;
  • Corporate Leadership School, where more than 290 man-training courses were held in three main programs: “Modern Management Practices”, “Management Potential Development”, “Effective Leader”;
  • a rotation system, in which 62 internal rotations of Group of Companies’ key staff were carried out;
  • the Nestrolead Program, in which 756 employees of the Group of Companies expressed their willingness to develop and participate in new projects.

To ensure the efficient and comfortable work of its employees, Company has created a new space for creative work and knowledge sharing in the Zarubezhneft JSC office. Called KNOWLEDGE TERRITORY, this platform provides residents with additional opportunities to learn, work for personal and team development, as well as share experience and best practices; all this using modern IT solutions in a comfortable and creative environment.

One of the key tasks of Stage II of the Company's Corporate Development Strategy in terms of organizational development for planned inorganic growth in the number of assets is transition to the STRATEGIC CONTROLLER management model. This is a model of management in which the Corporate Center is transformed into a strategic system and a methodological controller of subsidiaries, ensuring the creation of a unified methodological base and uniform rules of handling key processes in the corporate center and its subsidiaries.

To implement this task, the Company has introduced and is effectively running a system of business processes.

In 2018, the improvement project called “Implementation of the Organizational Framework and the Updated Regulatory System” was completed successfully. Under it:

  • the principles and matrix of functionality distribution between the Corporate Center and its subsidiaries was developed;
  • the standard for a new business process called “Corporate Subsidiary Management” was approved, including the Corporate Management Matrix and the Business Processes Decision-making Matrix;
  • The Specific organizational framework for business processes was developed – a set of standard requirements for enterprises of the Group of Companies;
  • a single database of existing internal regulatory documents (about 500 internal regulatory documents) was formed;
  • an institute of expert methodologists was established, 51 expert methodologists were allocated to 66 business processes